How to add an alias or psuedo mail ID to your gmail ID

In this world of smart phones, it is a taboo to carry more devices. One is expected to do everything using one single device their phone. Though it is a boon it is also a bane.

Many of us have an official ID and it is generated and linked to the office server. You would have seen your office administrator adding that mail ID to your outlook express of your personal laptop. But do we know that it is easy to configure your official mail id or a secondary id which you have been given by the website designer for your website to your personal gmail account.

Yes it is quite easy to do that and here are the steps one need to follow.

1. Login to your existing gmail id
2. Just below your profile picture you will see a star which is the settings icon. Click on that it will show a drop down box.
3. Click the setting options in that which will take you to a screen full of different options ranging from General settings to Themes.
4. The fourth tab is Accounts and Import. Click on that.
5. Look out for Send email as and you will see Add another email address you own.
6. Click on that which will take you to a pop up screen where you will be able to see set of easy to follow instructions given by google.
7. Your name will be displayed as you have given in your gmail. Below that there is an option to add the mail id that you want to add. After adding that click on Next.
8. The next screen asks for how you wish to send the mail as and it gives a default option choose that so that as it is quite easy to configure.
9. The next screen will tell you that a code need to be added to gmail settings so that you could send mails from gmail.
10. Check your official or the other mail id for a code from google and add that code in this screen.
11. Viola, you can now send mails to your customers and clients from your gmail itself.
12. Now your smart phone can be used for as your official mail id too.