An insight into my food blog - Suvai Arusuvai

It had been almost a year since I blogged. Not that I did not want to or lost interest but have been diversifying my posts in various other blogs that I created over the year and also I found a new passion and started getting so interested and addicted to it. And my passion towards cooking and trying out new dishes never ceased and I started baking too. Made a few cookies and posted about them in my recipe collection site Suvai Arusuvai where I have shared the recipes of dishes that are prepared during various occassions by me or by my mom or by my aunts and friends. All those recipes are tried and tested and a few of the ingredient quantities were changed and altered according to the family's taste. Any one can find links to those recipes in Facebook in the SuvaiArusuvai page.

Are you confused about any combination, check out the Combination Recipes section.  And if you are new to cooking or you are a Bachelor who live alone and are forced to cook for yourself, then check out the Basics and Bachelor Cooking sections.

As much as possible I have avoided adding a food picture, the reasons, I have are, Feast for eyes and for the tongue and stomach is the norm, but while reading a recipe, if you happen to see the end result that is seen in the picture and if you are unable to bring out the same, you might not be happy with the dish that you made. But I would be infact happy if you share the picture of the dish that you make on reading the recipe.

All the festival especially South Indian festival recipes are listed in the site, All the neivedhyams that are to be made for each and every festival are listed out.

Step in to my fascinating passionate world of cooking and recipes using various modern day gadgets. 


I have checked all the food blogs that u have shared. They are awesome. I am actually very foodie and all the new food recipes attract me so much. Awesome post. Thank u for the post...
Rajmi Arun said…
I have been postponing in replying you as I wanted to hear from you more about your foodie journey via my recipes. Hope you had a great one.