About my new found passion

I have been wondering what to blog about? I planned to write atleast one post a day as this is the 10th year of my blogging spree. Started this blog in 2005 and over the years I have got lots of experiences all along. My latest passion is nothing to do with online work, or blogging or reviewing which I have been doing for all these years, but it is something to do with art and craft.

Why raise your brows, I am also a creative person. I have been doing a lot of painting, especially fabric painting before I got married. Never had the faintest idea how people in my new home will react to all my passions and actions so had set them aside. Recently when we visited a shop to get all the products for project work for kids, I saw the quilling strips, without knowing what could be done with it, I got a full pack and used almost 1/4th of it to decorate the borders of the project note. But something at the back of my mind kept nagging me to look the net for what is quilling and what can be done with the remaining strips (Now I have lots of strips in various colours that is a different thing). So my search lead to wonderful and artistic creations in the net and I ended up using the resources available at home to make a beautiful ear hanging for my sweet daughter.

The journey of quilling started from there and is now never ending. The best part is my hubby supported me to the core and the kids too started liking this wonderful art and they too did a few things on their own. My passion for making miniatures are getting fulfilled by this wonderful art of quilling.

One of the 3D creations that I made in Quilling. For more of such creations visit my blog swarnaacreations.blogspot.in


Amar said…
Life helps you discover yourself...u just found your creative part, thanks to your affection for your family.