Project Thulika Educating a Child

Thulika Krishna, encouraged by her parents, aunts and uncles, decided to do something worth for people around us. But she is just 6 years old and was not so sure how she could help others. Inspite of her age she is quite sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. She loves painting, singing and doing a lot of craft projects and her family and extended family encouraged her to do all that she wanted to do.

When the talks about underprevilaged came after her periamma (aunt) who told her that she is planning to help her maid's kids education and the younger one of the maid is also the same age as Thulikla, Thulika got so impressed in the idea of helping for some one's education.  Her aunt also told her that Thulika should be very much thankful to God for all that God has given her. And all the talks and the idea of contribution gave way to "Thulika educating a child", project got conceived.

Then came the thought how to contribute. Here her crafting interests came handy. Her latest interest was creating things using rainbow loom. So her aunt and Thulika decided to make bands and sell them to raise funds to educate one 1, yes one child that year which will be Rs. 3000/- Then Thulika and her aunt stike a deal, for every band Thulika makes her aunt has to make 2 and so the process started.

Thulika's mom Swetha Krishna and her maami Divya Siddharth too plunged in and gave company to the duo and started making bands. Bhargavi set up a FB page for Thulika to encourage her and also to share with the world the noble thought and cause. Divya and Bhargavi handles the page and updates it regularly. Swetha taught more and more designs and patters to Thulika and handled the logistics part too. Apart from the Facebook page, a whatsapp group was also set up and there too the work of the team was shared. Keeping her age in mind, Thulika was not given access to Social media and so her mom Swetha informs her everything that is happenning online.

The first step was to share about the cause and invite the close circle to support the cause and Family and friends stepped in raise the first Rs. 3000/- in a short span of 2 days. The cost of the band was kept at Rs. 25 and the idea of keeping the pricing low is to make the cause successful and also to make Thulika understand that making Rs. 25 is not an easy joke. Slowly the orders kept coming in and close to Rs. 7000 was made. Her enthusiasm to help people increased and so the FB page was made public.  Thulika uses her hands to make the looms and she have made more than 100 bracelets on her own. She keeps making as per the order. She makes simple patters and her aunts and mom helps her with the complicated ones. The first buyer was from Singapore who was unknown to any one in the family but saw the concept in her aunt's page and wanted to support.

The family wanted her to be more generous and more thoughtful as the whole family believes and helps philanthropic activities. She is been raised with all the values of life - sharing, generosity, not taking anything for granted and most importantly the value of money. The family wanted her to experience the joy of giving and the feeling of it when it is from hard work.Her school (Kids Central in Kotturpuram) has contributed to her being socially conscious. She has been part of many projects including gifting toys, donating clothes and so on. She understands the value of not wasting food and so serves food on her plate that is  just enough for her.

This project have made Thulika a responsible person and she have learnt to plan her time better. She also understood that her family will stand by her if she takes up any project seriously. She is motivated by the appreciations and applauds that she is receiving by means of cards and letters. She is motivated by the support extended by her kith and kin.

With all the above accolades, Thulika is just like any other 6 year old who watches TV, youtube. Her liking for cooking make her learn simple ones from her mom Swetha Krishna, and she tries them too. Just like all girls she loves to read books with her dad Chella Krishna. She is learning Carnatic Music and is also learning to play Piano.

About her family - Mom Swetha Krishna - A special Educator. Dad Krishna - A practicing Chartered Accountant. Aunt Bhargavi Mani runs Edge Design House and Aunt Divya Siddarth runs Thejus a gift store.