To keep your back fit

The time to take an oath to keep ourselves fit, especially the ailing back have come. Most of us work sitting in front of a computer which leads to lots of other complications like obesity, swollen legs, back pains. The most painful is back pain and here are a few steps to put a check on it.

  • Bend down and touch the floor or atleast your knee 21 times a day. 
  • Always sit straight
  • Stand erect with your shoulders pulled back
  • While sleeping do not curl yourselves. 
  • Sleep with soft and semi flat pillows and not with hard ones. 
  • Go for a walk every day atleast for 30 mins
  • Do not sit in front of your computer or doing any work in a place for more than an hour. Stand up stretch and walk in between. 
  • Sit erect while driving your two wheeler. Get your seat adjusted according to your height. 
  • When you are lifting things especially heavier ones from the floor do not bend rather squat on your knees and lift it up. 
  • Lift your hand up straight with palms facing each other slowly for about 20 counts both in the morning and in the night. While doing so try to breathe in and breathe out.