Chennai Super Kings - missing alert.

By this time, there will be heated discussions and arguments and the match timing would have been discussed. The jersey will be washed and we will keep the timetable written or printed or it will be saved in every one’s phone.  Are you wondering what I am talking about?!? Yes I am talking about the IPL fever gripping our house hold. The jersey is the yellow CSK jersey.

This year, it is quite and calm and no discussions or whatsoever about IPL is done at home. I feel quite unimpressed about this situation. We as a family are always hard core CSK fans. Tamilan da. Though we have may be Ashwin alone from Tamilnadu, we always have felt Dhoni or Raina or Sir Jadeja or Bravo and all other team members to be our own people. Never ever have there been any thought not only in our house hold but in almost all over Tamilnadu that these people are not from Tamilnadu. We have converted them to wear our traditional dress of dhothi and have made them dance to our local tunes.

It is a two year sabbatical for team CSK. Though the players have got allotted to different teams, we are still unable to convince ourselves to support those teams. May be once all the matches start we will get hooked to it. But till that time, it is definitely missing you CSK. 


Kavita said…
Hey i know testing times.. Maybe yellow jersey is missing but the spirit and the players are the same. Who knows, in heir heart they would still be playing for Chennai?