Do kids need tuition?

Tuition or extra coaching has become the norm for most kids or for kids who face their boards. But there are kids who are not ready are not ready to take up tuition instead practice more at home just like my daughter.

But coming to think of it, even I did not go to tuition for both my 10th and 12th. But our school provided extra hour for students who want to learn Maths from a teacher who was willing to give her time to help us during our 10th standard. Now a day kids are taxed with lots of extracurricular classes too which are non-academic.

According to my daughter, instead of travelling to tuition and taking up the lessons which most probably are not similar to what is taught in school and doing double homework, she prefers sitting at home and working out the sums and studying the subjects. She also prefers to clarify the doubts from me or another close relative who can help her out with ease.

Though some tuition centres say that they increase the speed or increase the knowledge of the kids it is not exactly true in most cases. Some centres teach some other chapters than what is taught in school and so the kids have to learn two different chapters. Also according to my daughter when a particular chapter is taught in school in one particular method and if it is taught in a different method in school and if I confuse the same in exam what will be the result? A point to be pondered.

But every child is different and so do every parent. Not all children can get all help at home and not all parents are capable of giving all help their kids need. Extra classes should be a choice of the kids and should not be forced on them. The kids should come out openly about their need and requirements. Kids should also be made to understand their strength and weakness. They have to talk to someone that is either their teachers or to their parents.