Movie Review - Sethupathi

Recently got to watch the movie Sethupathi. With Vijay Sethupathi and Ramya Nambesan in lead roles, the movie is a complete entertaining one with thrill, drama, family sentiment all combined together. 

Sethupathi is a very honest police inspector and is awaiting promotion to become ACP. He works in the Madurai district and takes up a case which involves the murder of one of the police sub-inspector - Subburaj who was hacked to death while on duty. But the actual target was another sub-inspector - Kanakavel who works in the same station where Sethupathi works. And Sethupathi finds out the man behind the murder who is a don and politician, and Kanakavel is the son in-law of the Don. The marriage is in jeopardy and the Don decides to kill his own son-in-law. Sethupathi arrests the Don and make him get bail and thus he gains the enmity.

Sethupathi was put in tough spot of shooting one of the teenage boys who were under interrogation for chain snatching. To bring the truth out of them Sethupathi threatens to shoot them at the count of five and at the count of five one of the boys runs away and he was shot and Sethupathi was shocked as he have not unlocked his gun and he tries to find out the person responsible. Kanagavel have unlocked the gun and tried to replace the bullets with a dummy but was unable to do it and so he left it just like that and the phone remained unlocked.

Sethupathi was forced for an enquiry and one of the panel member’s allies with the Don and she tries to influence the panel against Sethupathi. But her game is exposed and Sethupathi gets cleared of all the charges. The Don burns his son-in-law alive and his family is targeted. When all the attempts get failed the Don's men targeted the wounded boy in the hospital and he was saved by Sethupathi. with all charges cleared against him Sethupathi returns to work and the Don's men accepts defeat and the Don is killed by Sethupathi by setting his house on fire.

The plot of the movie is very crisp and clear in the second half of the movie and the first half is elaborated a lot. When it comes to show the love and affection of the family members for each other it is depicted very neatly. Sethupathi as usual fits in into the role which is given to him - the role of an honest policeman. His first film as policeman and he has done it very well. Unlike other cop films the heroine is just not a come and go character but she too have importance and so do the kids. The kids of the policeman are taught good things and to be bold than to be showing of attitude. The different kinds of emotions that Sethupathi depicts in every scene are quite unique to him which we have seen in a few of his earlier films.

The family is given a lot of importance in the first half of the film and the reason is clearly seen in the second half when the Don's men tries to enter the house, the son acts as the man of the house and he threatens to shoot the goons which make the goons retreat. A family well depicted.

Acting comes quite natural to Sethupathi and he has proved once again that he will fit into any kind of role. Be it the role of a rowdy or an old man or the current role of a cop. 

One of the most liked song is Hawwa Hawwa.