Summer Vacations

‪Here comes the next topic of thought to ponder. Summer classes. Summer especially in Chennai is definitely to be time to chill out not to move around. Agreed but what is the fun in enrolling the kids into various classes. Come on parents give the kids a break. I really relish the summer holidays even now spent with my grand parents and cousins. Playing different board games, sleeping a bit late but not very late. Eating delicious meals and at times grand ma giving us food in our hands with some stories. Grand pa teaching us slokas, and English all are lovely memories.

We await travelling to Chennai from Erode or Tirunelveli. Whenever we came from Erode the destination will be Chennai Central and I remember memorizing the stations enroute. Mostly we travel in the night trains, get down in the morning. It is fun to look out of the window to see my mamas waiting to recieve us and waving franctically to them when we spot them. Hopping into the yellow and black ambassdor taxi and going to Adayar house via the Napier bridge is still fresh in my memory. I also remember counting the number of semi circles though I dont remember exact number now.

Hugging grand ma is another pleasant experience. She always smells heavenly with a combination of Cutticura, Mysore Sandal and Kasturi Manjal. Grand pa always welcome us with a big smile and he used to be too cute in his office dress and after his retirement in his Panchakacham.

Had always looked forward to spend time with my cousins and we definitely had fun. What we did not do is to be asked rather than what we did. Played, danced, sang, fought then hugged, slept all we did together.

And I am sure all the people who were kids in 70s and 80s will definitely agree to all the above experiences of mine. Are we giving the same kind of experiences to our kids. We are putting them in summer classes thinking that they need them. Ofcourse they need to get to learn a lot of things but not at the expense of crubbing off their happiness. Having fun with grandparents and learning things from them and having fun with cousins and enjoying the summer holidays is definitely a different experience by itself. Also playing with friends is another experience though now a days there are not much open space still kids find place to play cricket or hide and seek or some other game that can be played outdoors.

Putting them in a coaching class for the same or for any other classes like Tennis or other sports ofcourse teaches them nuances of the game but I dont think it gives them fun. I might be wrong too but it is just my thought. I prefer doing things at home with kids like painting, or drawing or doing some other craft work than putting them in any class.