Women and Girls Beware

Offlate the mobile phone users have gone up in larger numbers. Parents get a mobile basic or smartphone for their school going kids who are in their class 10 or 12 to keep track of their whereabouts. But all troubles start when the kids start getting anonymous calls or messages. These kids are given not post paid mobiles but prepaid mobiles to control their talking. So only for a reasonable amount the talk time gets recharged and there are lots of plains in prepaid option too.

But that is not the case which I want to warn people about. As the numbers are prepaid numbers, for a smaller amount recharging is done in many shops and the people who go to recharge their numbers are asked to write their number in a note book. But the chances of misusing the number have gone up in larger numbers.

The shop keeper or the young men working in the shop either give anonymous call or send messages to those numbers, and if there is a whatsapp they add the number to their phone and start tracking the pictures.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Learn to use online facility for recharging, or recharge in those shops which ask the customer to type the mobile number in their phone. Avoid recharging in shops that ask you to write the numbers in a note book.

In your whatsapp, keep the online status, and photos viewable only by the conatacts that you have added. 


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