A for Ambulance - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - A

Thought of the day - Ambulance.

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Ambulance as far as we all know is a vehicle that takes sick people to hospital or that transfers sick people from one place to another. Not just road ambulances but now a days we see a lot of air ambulances too helping all those people who are to be transported in grave accidents especially train accidents.

But I am not planning to write a note about ambulances. But this post is about how a particular scene in a movie changed the entire perspective of not only me but of many people. The word Ambulance is always associated with emergency and whenever I see an ambulance in road all I had felt was why the driver is moving pretty slowly, why the people on the road are not giving way to the ambulance and I have even cursed people who have blocked the ambulance movement near signals. Many a times I have also stood wondering about the facilities that a Maruti Omni van can hold for a patient and his/her attender too. 

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To top it all there were shows in News Channels that have projected the road sense of people and all those victims' cries have made things even worse. I had always thought why not there be a separate lane for ambulance and other emergency vehicles. All these were about the free movement of the vehicle alone but at no other time, I or none of the others with whom I had discussed had thought about the person inside the vehicle.

The movie Pasanga - 2 made us talk about the fact that we should pray for the person inside the vehicle and prayers have always made wonders. A two seconds of silent prayer to save the person inside the vehicle have started giving me more comfort and I have stopped cursing people who have not given way for the ambulance rather prayed for the speedy recovery and yes as I said earlier, prayers do make wonders and may be its just a coincidence but I see the ambulance move fast and are not stopped by the other vehicles on the road.


Anonymous said…
Hi Rajmi,
Nice positive thoughts to keep in mind while in traffic.
hey that's a nice thought. For me personally , everytime i see an ambulance i worry about my grandparents' irrationally for a minute and move on.

As you can see I am starting my A to z challenge in may :P and god knows how long i'll stretch this out.

http://semisharings.blogspot.in/2017/05/antoinette_2.html A poem drawing parallels between Mary Antoinette and the recent farmers protests.

I thought with every letter i'll go to old posts of other participants and you know participate belatedly