B for Book Mark - A to Z challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - B

#Thought of the day - BookMark

All book lovers would have one time or the other used book marks to mark the page which they are reading. It varies from a thick thread from a old dairy or a clip or even a piece of paper. Now a days, the book sellers (if we purchase from online sites) send a book mark.

The very first time I heard about book mark is during my child hood. I would have been around 9 or 10, I was allowed to borrow book from school. The librarian (or should I say library miss) instructed me that the corners should not be folded, the pages should not be torn, the pages should not get wrinkled etc etc etc. I was like, with all these should I read the book, but still I did as that was the time I had got started getting fascinated with Noddy and reading.

(picture from my other blog swarnaacreations.blogspot.in)

My friend saw who accompanied me saw my expressions and suggested me a few things to follow (she started reading at the age of 5 and how I wish to know about her now and see her now is a different story). She said, do not eat or drink while reading a book (which I stopped following during my teens. I cant keep a book down, once I start and get hooked to it). Use a bookmark to mark the page where you left. Bookmark? was my question, she said  yes a bookmark, it can be anything a piece of paper or some thread that comes in dairies but dont use pen or pencil it will make the book bulge. I said ok and she also gifted me a bookmark made out of dried leaf (ofcourse over the period of transit and time I have missed it). 

Now a days, the usage of bookmarks have reduced not just because the reading habits have come down but also because of the reason that the books have become e-books rather than paper books, which is easy to carry and store. 

But still I love to collect and gift bookmarks which have unique captions or pictures in it.