C for Call Me - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - C

# Thought of the day - Call me

The words "CALL ME" could be just a word for many. And many people just ignore it too. But remembering to call back when some one asks you to call is a gesture of great importance. 

Call me when you reach -  when a mom says to her son or daughter is to ensure the safety

Call me when a friend says to the other is out of care and concern. 

Call me when you reach is just not a phrase but those are words of concern, love and affection. Those who hear those words are the lucky ones and are the one who have some one to love them and to take care of them. 

I had always laughed at when I see the scene in DDLJ where in Lajoo gets a call as soon as her husband reaches his shop. I realize the importance of that gesture when my husband was away in Ghana and that too had travelled to the neighbouring country of Burkina Faso during the time of shoot out and capturing of UN Officials by the terrorists. He had witnessed that from the lobby of the hotel where he stayed. I kept trying his number and his friend's number and was constantly mumbling call me call me. The moment I got the call from an unknown number I knew it was him and that moment was definitely a moment of relief for me. 

So if some one ask you to call once you reach your destination please do so that will always give them a sense of relief. If you cant call atleast message them.