D for Daddy - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - D

#Thought of the day - Daddy

Daddy, I call my father so. The reason behind is, my grandfather was called as Appa by my mom and as a small child I got confused between thatha and appa so my dad was identified as daddy and till date I call him so inspite of him trying to make me call appa. My brother followed suit and he too started calling him daddy and later he changed to call him appa. 

My dad is one such person to whom we can discuss anything about and I am so proud to say that too. If you ask me whether I am a daddy's daughter I will say NO because both my parents loved me equally and I never had and still have any favouritism and both are just the same to me. 

Now here is something funny that happenned. Seeing me calling my father daddy, my daughter started refferring him as daddy thatha and slowly she started leaving thatha and started calling him daddy. It was during one of our visits to airport to pick up my brother when she was around 2 years, she started playing in the lounge and was calling my father DADDY in a very loud voice, which made every one's head turn towards us and my dad started feeling embarassed. And that day I determined to....... no not to change me but to change her from calling my dad as daddy but to call him thatha and I succeeded in it. 

No you cannot change me now it is late. So let me keep calling him daddy as such both of us are ok with that.