E for Eyes- A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - E

#Thought of the day - Eyes 

Eyes reflect one's emotions and they are the doorway to the heart. Not all eyes are expressive some eyes remain stony and we cannot find out what the person is thinking or how the person is reacting to what we talk about. They remain mysterious enough. 

From time immemorial poets and authors have used eyes of a person to express the feeling of love and pain. The pair of eyes never stop doing things together. Whether they laugh or cry they both do it together. 

When one doesnot realize the truth they are asked to wake up and keep their eyes open so that they will be able to see the truth and reality of what is happening. The quotes - Eyes are useless when the mind is blind is not just a quote but most of the times it shows the mentality of a person's reaction to a lot of situation. 

But at the same time, it is better to live a peaceful life with the eyes closed. Not in the literal sense but closing one's eyes to things which their mind and heart do not approve. And at the same time, if one keeps their eyes closed towards wrong doings that are happening in the society or in the surroundings in which they are also a part of.

Eyes being the index of the mind and heart need to be used in a wise manner according to the situation which will help a person learn a lot of things from the surroundings. Always keeping eyes open will help every one to learn new things.