G for Gifting - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter for the day - G

#Thought of the day - Gifting. 

A token of love and affection is gifting according to me.Gifting is definitely an art. You need to choose the right gift for the right person and the right occasion. Many people do not get ideas as to what they can get even their spouse. Now a days I see in social media many people asking the opinions of others as to what gift could be chosen to give their spouse.

Gifting to spouse is something personal where no one can select things for others. Though it is easy to say that a single Red Rose will make the wonders at times even a diamond set will not be enough. The same way a small bottle of perfume or to the costliest wine is to be chosen according to the mood and need of the hour.

Coming back to the art of gifting, there are many general gifts that can be chosen from and at the same time, if we know a person very well, we will definitely know his or her likes and can choose gifts accordingly. For instance one of my uncles is so fond of pens and if gifted with him something new and unique (it could be even a Rs. 5 pen) he will be so happy about it and will add that to his collection. A lot of time, I used to plead with him to show his collection and he will ensure that he shows me that entire he has collected.

The funniest part of gifting happens during marriage. Many people simply think that they can either part away with their multiple possessions or think that that is the only useful thing for the newly wed. The two items that many couples get in Multifood are clocks and milk cookers. And it takes time to disperse them off. Fortunately my mother took out the pain of distributing the ones that we got during my marriage to the needy.

Gifting also helps connect with people as it shows the love and affection one has towards the other. So let’s gift something even if it is a Rose or a Chocolate to others and spread the air with love and affection.


I prefer to gift cash. That enables the receivers to buy whatever they are fond of. I wish I also get gifts as cash, but that seldom happens! But I want to set a good example nevertheless.

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