I for Ignore - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - I

#Thought of the day - Ignore

The word we often hear when something or someone bothers us more than what we can handle. Ignore carries lots of weight. The word ignore becomes a positive one when someone or something hurts self. When someone or something is ignored it need not be always on the negative side but it can also be an act of overlooking too. Though most of the times, a situation or a person is ignored simply to avoid them.

We are forced to do the act of ignoring not to escape from the situation or from any person alone but it is also to keep ourselves at peace. Ignoring not at all times is disregard to the other person or situation but it is the act of moving away not to avoid but to relax and be at peace. Though at most times it is collated with escaping from that person or situation.

We ignore a situation or person what if we do not ignore:
     Maximum cases of anxiety and depression are attributed to the ignorance shown towards them by people who they regard as very important or who are very close. It could be parents, spouse, kids, family and friends too. The people who value or give more weightage to the ignorance shown towards them tend to loose their self esteem too. It is always better to ignore these kind of act shown by the others towards oneself to be at peace and to look at things and life rationally.

All said and done, ignore all the negative thoughts, ignore all the situations that are creating trouble and that give devasting results like damaging health and mental peace. Ignore all those past memories that do not give happiness.  Ignore those people who impose negative thoughts and feelings and make life miserable. These kind of people are worth ignoring rather than considering. Unless those people are closely related these people are worth ignoring than caring.

At the same time we have to keep in mind that we should not ignore our health, ignore the peace of mind, should not ignore those places that gives us happiness and pleasant memories.