Product launch by Johnson and Johnson powered by Baby Chakra

One of the very few and rare moments for mommies that too young mommies with babbies to be invited for events is this product launch by #Johnson&Johnson and taken forward by #Babychakra.

Both Baby Chakra and Johnson and Johnson thrive to give the Best for Babies. Baby Chakra connects moms across India. Baby Chakra is relatively new to Chennai but still almost all the mommies who were present at the event are connected by them.

Got to see a few bloggers and also mommy bloggers and a few entreprenuers who are connected with babbies in the way of selling products related to them. And definitely none of the mommies or the event organisers were irritated even a bit to the cries of the cutie pies. A few toddlers were happy playing in the play pen that was arranged at the back of the room.

Wondering actually what the new product is? Ofcourse #Johnson and Johnson have all the products in thier baby care range (3 different ranges, 1 for new born, 1 for toddlers, 1 for new school goers or active kids). And this is common for all age groups and can also be used by adults.

It is liquid detergent for washing the soiled clothes, which can be used both for hand wash and machine wash. ( We were asked to do up a trial test and yes it is really good to see the dirt vanishing off). What more there is no need to add extra disinfectant or fabric softner as the detergent is enhanced with both.

The marketing team did a wonderful job and the entire event was organized too well in #HattRegency, Chennai. The lunch was also arranged and it was mild enough to satisfy the tummy of the toddlers and new borns.

Thank you #BabyChakra and #Johnson and Johnson.