Rajdhani - The exquisite dining experience

It is not always we decide to go out for a family dinner, family - I meant not just the four of us but the extended family of the 3 brothers and their respective family. We all planned to go out for dinner and it happenned to be at Rajdhani at Pheonix Market City - Chennai. From the moment we planned, I felt so excited and wanted to do justice for what is to be served. (I had already visited Rajdhani twice and everytime, the dining experience was amazing).

The name itself suggests the royal treatment one is sure to get right from the time you enter till you exit. The kids were excited to be applied tikka and welcomed with a spoon of sweet. What more, you get warm water poured on to your hand from an antique jug and an hand held vessel to wash your hands both before and after your food. This I call the height of royal treatment. The staff were quick enough to arrange the tables to accomodate the 10 of us. Inspite of the inconvinence in the seating they served us with great agile and did not miss even a single item for any one. 

The thali that is served have a huge number of variety starting from the welcome drink to desert. We were served with that day's speciality dishes too. The dal batti churma is something which every one loved apart from their regular chaas. The jelabi with rabadi and the cashew halwa were highlights. (Though I expected malpua). 

It is indeed a great dining experience at Rajdhani.