Search for Diabetic Recipes

For the past few days I have been on the search for easy to make Diabetic recipes (of course, I am not a diabetic) but for a friend who wanted it for her husband. He is very choosy in taking new dishes, so she wanted me to give her a few real good ones.

I am not here to discuss on what is diabetic and what are the remedies or medicines. But this diabetic seems to be the fastest growing disorder (yes disorder, you cannot call it a disease). Came to know that this disorder can be prevented by proper diet, proper exercise, changing the eating habit, doing regular exercise and having a constant and acceptable physical activity.

But when it have actually come what one need to do to control it:
1.Sweets should be avoided completely.
2. It will be better, if the intake of fried and fatty foods are minimized.
3. If the weight is reduced by proper exercise and diet, the body insulin will start to work properly.
4. Eating lots of fibre rich foods helps in reducing the glucose absorption into the blood. (Blood sugar will be reduced to a greater extent)
5. If a non-vegetarian, then egg yolk, mutton, beaf should be taken in lesser quantities (Better to take chicken and fish without the skin)
5. Intake of oil in the daily cooking should be reduced.
6. Fatty cheese like Margarine and Vanaspathi should be avoided completely.
7. Eat 7 meals a day, instead of one whole meal.
8. Never skip any meal, especially breakfast.
9. Donot forget to walk and do exercises daily.
10. Reduce Stress. (Learn how to destress here)

Check here for a few Diabetic Recipes


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