H for Home - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - H

#Thought of the day - Home

A house never becomes a home until it is filled with people who are connected with each other and who love each other. House is just the building where people can live. Home is a place one feels safe and secure and accepted at. Many a times, even though a person lives in a particular house or apartment or room, he will not feel at home as he might not have an attachment to that place. This kind of feelings is faced mainly by newly wedded women. One feels at home in a particular dwelling only when all the others already living there reflect love and affection and accept the new comer into their own space.

Even though many people live in the same house all might not call it their home just because of this simple feeling of not getting accepted or not feeling safe and secure.

Home becomes sweet home when there is lots of love and affection in air. One gets connected to a home when they feel attached not only to the living beings of that house but also to the non-living and materialistic things too. It so happens many a times those materialistic things in a home give a person more comfort than the actual people living in it.