My cake baking experience

Baking have always fascinated me to the core. But I was so apprehensive to try it out as I was not so sure of the outcome when made without eggs and when made in microwave or pressure cooker. So many times, I have picked up the pressure cooker cake mixture and will end up returning it back to the shelf when I reach the cash counter. But when I saw many of my friends bake with ease of course they have oven to bake, I started doing my research in the net as to how a cake can be made in Microwave. Though not a cake crazy person, I do like the chocolava cake of Dominos Pizza and also Black Forest Cake. Wondering whether I am going to share a cake making recipe here? No I am not going to do that, for that you have to wait for a while till I master it and I put it in my Recipe website Here is just my experience in cake making using microwave.

After deciding that I am definitely trying out Microwave Cake Baking, I searched for All Purpose Flour or the Multipurpose Flour, which is used at large to bake cakes and biscuits. But I could not find that in the near by super market and so ended up purchasing the good old Maida. Ok the first step is done was my thought, but I think I didnot check up the recipe thoroughly and the recipe calls for Baking soda and Baking Powder (OMG I dont stock these). We, me and kids decided to bake the cake as a dessert for Christmas eve, and we discovered the extra ingredient requirement only at the time of mixing. As we wanted it to be a surprise for their father, I rushed out with daughter to the supermarket and luckily got hold of the last box of Baking Powder (got to know that lot of people in our locality bake cakes during Christmas and New Year). Got a pack of Baking Soda and Coco Powder too. Though the Baking Powder and Soda need to be added only a pinch, the minimum quantity that we get in store is 50 gms.

The Mug Cake
Fine all ingredients ready now for the process of mixing as per the instructions. My tutor website is Tarla Dalal and I started doing it just as instructed. We wanted to have a trial before we made the sizeable cake to serve atleast 3 kids and 5 adults (a samll piece only). So we tried the mug cake in Microwave without the chocolate in it as we dont want to waste chocolate in trial. The recipe called for 2 mins 30 mins. For half the quantity of the original planned I set the microwave the the same timing. Son stood just next to the Microwave and watched in amazement the batter rising. When the Microwave beeped, he could not wait and opened it and the aroma filled the kitchen. Daughter was kind enough to bring it to the living room so that we could cut it and taste it and proceed to the originally planned one.

The cake came out easily from the cup, I was so excited only to find out that the cake came out easily not because it is soft and cooked well, but it is hard like a rock and over cooked, once upturned I could also smell a burnt.

But this did not stop us from trying out the originally planned quantity. But still we kept our fingers crossed as to what will be the outcome as the quantity is double and we have placed 3 bits of chocolates inside it. After 2 mins, I just waited for the second beep and then added another 30 seconds and the cake turned out to be soft yummy and fluffy though the chocolate pieces did not melt fully as there was nut inside. But otherwise every one wowed it and the whole cake was finished in hardly 5 mins time (though it was a small one say hardly less than 100 gms). This time the cake was not make in a mug but it was made in the small glass bowl I had. The cake did puff up and was double the size of the original batter. Made me say proudly yes I learnt to bake a cake in Microwave.

Kids were happy that they can have a cake any time at home whenever they want and need not wait for us to get one from the bakery.