Once we decided to go on a trip down south, I did some research on the net and found that there is a place called Kaalikesam and the entire travel stretch is a scenic beauty. I have some neighbours who are from Tirunelveli and only one person was able to give me some details. She told me that the place is quite remote and you wont even get mobile signal in that place. There will be no one and you will be all alone. Dont take the risk. But every time I see the photos posted on the net, I got more and more interested to see the place.

Our driver Mr. Shankar also had inquired his travels and they too were not aware of this place. But on enquiry in Kanyakumari, we were told that there is a pucca road from Nagerkoil. As we had decided to go there only after Tipparappu falls, we have to take a different route. We were told to go to Daadikaarankulam and from there it is the straight route to Kaalikesam. The north end of that village leads us to this place.

What is so special about this place?
Why I was so interested in going there? were the questions asked by Mr. Shankar. Though I had no particular reason, we just told him that we wanted to go there. The entire ride took almost 1 and a half hour and as we were enjoying the sceneries around, we didnot feel that we are travelling that long. The weather was so pleasant, and we had slight drizzles all along. But we were so lucky, there was no drizzle once we reached the destination.

There are villages nearby and people of that village come to collect wood from the forest so it is not entirely true that there will be no one the entire stretch. Also there is a Kaali Temple (the name of that place is just because of that temple). And every tuesday and friday people come there to offer pujas. There are some families in and around who have this Kali temple as their Kuladeivam and they come here.

The speciality of this place is the river that flows. The place is quite safe when there is not much of rain. The water is above the ankle but less than knee in summer. (The best time to visit is the second half of summer). When we stepped into the water, it was freezing chill but you get used to it. Though we didnot take a dip in the water, we enjoyed walking on the rocks and sitting in the middle of the river with our legs in the water. We didnot have heart to come out bt what to do.

Infact when we were there, a localite from Nagerkoil came there and he said that there is a small but beautiful waterfall uphill in another kilometer. The place is quite safe and secluded and you could have real fun. But as the kids are small we didnt want to venture there. Any one visiting there after reading my post about that place pls visit the waterfall and share your experiences with us.

There are only two buildings in that place, one is the Kaali temple and the other is the canteen on the other shore. Looks like previously there was no way to connect both the shores of the river and to go to the canteen one have to cross the river. (Dunno what they have and serve in the canteen.) Now they have a bridge constructed between the two shores and it is been done from the MLA fund.

There are five steps to climb to the temple. But when the river is flooded, the water comes up to the top step it seems.


susan said…
Hi Rajmi,
Iam from nagercoil. But Iam settled in Noida. Every year when we go to my mother's place for vacation we visit kaalikesam. It is the most beautiful place. As you said once you go there you will not have the mind to come back. When we visit our place for summer vacations we make sure to go to this place atleast 4 times. But it is also somewhat true that this place is little dangerous as it has the swirls (chuli)in some of the places because once my bro went there with some of his friends and one of the friend's got into this swirl but miracullasly escaped at the tip of the hair. Your way of telling the experience is very interesting and keep on posting more of your experience. Happy blogging. Please do visit my blog and share your views in the form of comments. There is also a huge contest going on for bloggers where you can win many exciting prizes and gifts. For more details visit my blog and if interested join the contest :)
SCT said…
Hi Rajmi,

Yours was only one of the few blogs where I could get some information about the Kalikesam. I myself is planning to go there soon, most probably after the rains. Thanks you for providing such good information. Kudos.
Anonymous said…
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