Our trip down south Day - 1

It was a real great experience to be away from home, ordering the food you like to eat which you don't prepare generally at home... etc etc. Though we had already booked the tickets a month back, it was only in the RAC and it got confirmed.

Though the tickets got confirmed, the seats and berth were not allotted. We had booked our tickets in Kanyakumari Expresses, that comes to Tambaram at 5.48pm and leaves at 5.50pm. We had 5 luggage and two kids with us. To find the coach and berth we left home by 4.45 (though the ride from home to station is hardly 10 min in auto). Though you plan things in advance, whatever happens will happen; the auto driver got caught in traffic before coming to our home and he came only at 5.00pm. But we did not want him to drive very fast and we reached the station by around 5.10pm. We reached the station from the east Tambaram side, climbed the stairs to platform number 1 (luckily it is the first one from the east side). But on checking the coach that is allotted to us, we found that ours is the 19th coach and we had to walk almost 1/2 a kilometer.

Husband took charge of the largest box we had and also son. He carried him along with a backpack. Daughter took the smallest box (luckily both boxes are stroller boxes). I took charge of the other backpack, a stroller bag, the dinner bag and kids' bag. We reached the place and waited for close to 15 minutes. We got into the B2 coach, as the door to the B3 coach was not open. We got settled in our seats. As we had asked my husband's friend to arrange for the darshan the next day in Tiruchendur temple, he called up just when had to get into the train. We returned the call once we got settled and got the details of the person to contact. It was a real nice journey and as the IPL match was also going on almost all the co passengers were either getting calls or messages from their home about the match.

We had a old couple who were doing social service, a Product Sales person from Appollo hospitals and an Engineer from Kalpakkam as our co passengers.

We had our early dinner of Idly (Milagaipodila thoithu eduthathu), and curd rice. And in Villupuram milk came, kids had a cup full of (not the railway cup, but I had taken two of their cups, which filled two cups full of railway cup) milk and slept peacefully. As we travelled 3tier AC, the journey was even more pleasant.

Will continue in the next post.... as to what happenned on 28th.