Tamirabarani mesmerised us

One have to climb down huge steps (most of them are almost a feet tall) to go down to the river. There were almost 25 steps. The water was so calm near the shores but almost in the middle, where they have installed iron rods to catch hold of, the water flow was enjoyable. We all had real good fun. First taking turns and then leaving all our bags and baggage in the car with Mr. Shankar, we all stepped in and had fun in the river for almost an hour or so. The water is almost the hip depth for adults. Once you reach the rods, the kids could catch hold of the rods tightly and float in the water. Both son and daughter enjoyed doing so.

We all being Chennaities have gone seeing the water and we didnot have heart to come out of the water. We forced ourselves out as it was time to go back (and DH wanted to watch the semifinal match between CSK and PunjabXII).