Cuisines of India - Chettinad

India is a mixture of different cultures, arts, etc. One can add cuisines also to that list. Every other area have their own type of food preparation. One amongst it is the Chettinad Cuisine.
One can expect a spicy food, if you have a Chettinad friend. This cuisine is famous for its non-vegetarian dishes but still they have a large vareity of vegetarian dishes too. They make their food using fresh ground masalas and the dishes are definitely hot and spicy and with masala smell too. Most of the vegetable vattals are from the Chettinad cuisine. They have a very dry environment and so they prefer to dry their vegetables during the season or meat and fish and use it all yar through.
Though the base is rice, they have their own specialities of appams, idiyappams, paniyarams (they make different vareity, both sweet and salt), seeyams athirasam etc.

My most favourite dish of this cuisine is the Pal Kozhukattai and Kuzhi Paniyaaram which I had in Sangeetha, Adayar

Some of the restaurnats that specialize in Chettinad Cuisine in Chennai:
Karaikudu in Radhakrishnan Salai (they have branches too)
Anjappar in Pondy Bazaar (they have brnaches too)