Arai Kaasu Amman and Lost things

Arai Kaasu Amman - How the name came?
During the British Rule, the kings of Pudukottai, the Thondai Maan Kings, had their own copper coins minted in their own mints, which have the king's head on one side and on the other side the image of Brigadambal is marked. All these coins were equivalent to 1/2 ana or Arai kaasu. (16 anas made 1 Re.).

This Amman is so famous to get us back the lost things. Just think of this amman and pray to her that I will give you Paanakam as Prasaadam. In a few minutes after the prayer, the lost item be it documents, or any articles, is retrieved or found.

The temple of Brigadambal is in Pudukottai. Brigadambal Sametha Kaarneshwarar Temple. Pudukottai was known as Thiru Ko Karneshwaram in olden days.
in case you have lost or do not remember where u have kept things , documents or any articles are lost, you say that u will prepare 'panakam' water mixed with jaggery, cardomom powder and think of this goddess and pray, within no time your items / things will be retrieved.
i have also found Arakkasu Amman is the other name of Brigadambal. This Goddess is having Her temple in 'Sri Brigadambal Sametha Thiru Ko Karneshwarar temple'. The temple is located in the town of Pudukkottai in a place called 'Thirukko karneshwaram'.
There are a few more slokas too that can also be chanted along with praying Arai Kaasu Amman.
To get lost things back

To get lost things back - Sloka that helped Hanuman find Seetha