Tata Nano - The People's Car

Nano means small in Gujarathi (an Indian Language). Even in English Nano is often used as a prefix meaning small. (Nano is derived from Greek nanos meaning dwarf). Tata have given this name Nano to its new car - The People's Car. For a very long time there was a great hype of the release of this car. The most wonderful thing about this car is its price apart from its features. This car a dream project of the Chairman of Tata Group, Mr. Ratan Tata. The car was supposed to be released in October 2008. But due to various reasons, the release got postponed. But atlast Nano was released on 23rd March 2009.

The car is a properly designed and built car. The features of this car that are designed specially for this car:
1. The rear seats fold to access the boot space and the boot does not open.

2. Just a single wiper.

3. Normal steering (no power steering)

4. Just a single side view mirror

5. Door opening lever is simplified

6. Just 3 nuts on the wheels.

The car is little over 10 feet long and is 5 feet wide. The Nano gives around 60 miles an hour. Nano is just half the price of Maruti 800 which is regarded as its competitor.

After its release announcement two different booking options were given. Direct booking and online booking. Bookings commence of 9th April and it will be done till 25th April.

Nano comes in the following colours:

* Sunshine Yellow
* Racing Red
* Summer Blue
* Champagne Gold
* Lunar Silver
* Ivory White

Features that can be customized:
*The alloy wheels
* The front and rear bumpers
* The mud-guards
* The music system

The price changes after the redesigning of the above features. Nano comes with a list of merchandise - Nano watch, Nano phone, Nano T-Shirt.