Vinayaka Sloka

This is one sloka which almost every small kid is taught as the very first sloka. Easy to learn and easy to by heart. 

Gajaananam bhootha ganaathi saevitham
Kaviththa jamboo phalasaara Bakchitham
Umaasutham s(h)oka vinaas(h)a kaaranam
Namaami vignaes(h)vara paadapankajam

க(3)ஜானனம் பூ(4)தக(3)ணாதி ஸேவிதம்
கவித்த ஜம்பூ(3) பலஸார ப(4)க்ஷிதம்
உமாஸுதம் சோ(H)கவினாச(H) காரணம்
நமாமி விக்(3)னேச்(H)வர பாத(3) பங்கஜம்

The Meaning of this sloka is:
           He is the one who is the lord of all the Bootha ganas, who is worshipped by all the Bootha ganas, he who have elephant face, he who likes any kind of offering, he who is the son of Goddess Uma, he is the reason for removing all the evils, I am prostrating on his lotus feet.