Review of the movie Life of Pi

I didnot read the book Life of Pi written by Yang Martel,  but after watching the movie I definitely want to read it. The effect of reading a book and visualizing the scenes and sequences in our mind is definitely different from the effect of watching it as a movie and that too a 3D movie. Still I would say, it is a well taken movie and as so many other reviews and reviewrs say if at all this is directed by any other director than Aang Lee, the movie would not have even hit the screen. Aang Lee alone can take the greatest step of using Indian actors and Indian faces to make a story lively.

The entire movie is a combination of story telling and technology. Though there are certain things which I dont understand - like how a goat tethered outside the gate is pulled inside fully by a tiger or what really happenned to ship, why it was wreck, the other things are really too good. The voice of elder Pi, played by Irrfan Khan gives a touch to the story and also makes the auidence really understand the true emotion of the person. Hats off to Irrfan Khan who have done his part too well.

Though according to the story (I heard of), the plot is set about in the year 1774, but at one point of time, I heard Kishore Kumar's song at the background in the market (where in the world Kishore Kumar was during 1774 was the first question that came to my mind). But then again I convinced myself that the director should have moved the scenario to almost 150 years later so that one can relate to certain things.

Camera have played pretty well when the streets of Pondicherry were showed. Emotions galore in the first half of the movie when little Pi lives with his parents and the way he wants to learn things that he was unable to understand. He was named after a famous swimming Pool in Paris but when kids started teasing him, he made himself the wonder kid, the legend of the school by writing the indefinite number of Pi. Man what a beautiful way to show the kids how they need to put forth themselves amongst those who tease them..

He - Pi, learns a lot about the major religions in India, Hinduism (right from his childhood, the graphics and the 3D were too good when he imagines seeing the whole Universe in Lord Krishna's mouth ofcourse it was breath taking). He never stops himself from trying to learn about the different religions. And all those he learns in Munnar, Thrisur etc and picturisation of those places are also good. The camera have done a real good job in showcasing the beauty of those places. It was very cute of little Pi to say that he wants to be baptized but also want to stay as a Hindu. And when his father says that they are moving to Canada and are moving there just like Columbus did, he replies but Coloumbus started his journey in search of India and ended up in Ameria.

During the travel in the ship when he hears the thunderstorm, he goes out to watch the storm and the rain, making us realize that all teenagers are like this who want to explore new things and also they dont have any fear of what will happen. But they are responsbile kids too and also they have a strong bond towards their family too. Pi feels so sorry for his parents and his brother when he alone survives in the ship wreck. He cannot accept the fact initially that they are no more. Still he didnot loose hope and kept sailing along with the flow of the current.

Though the time in sea can be cut a bit short and emotional drama can be shown a bit more, still those scenes are the one that attracts the kids more. The flying fish, the huge whale, the way how he manges to build himself a raft all these makes kids ask a lot of questions. The way he writes logs, though at one point of time he looses that log note, still makes us realize how good it is to keep track of all that is happenning in our day to day life which will def help some one some day.

Though one can say that a human kid and a adult firece Bengal Tiger cannot be friends, still for the purpose of survival and for the purpose of living alive both learnt to accept each other atleast for the time till they went to a land where one can really survive. Though I read before watching the movie that at a few places real tiger was used, still one cannot differentiate between the real and graphical tiger at all. One lesson learnt by Pi which he never forgets during the time of disaster too is that, Animals reflect the emotion that you show in your eyes and face which he uses when he was alone sailing in the Pacific Ocean to train Richard Paker the adult Bengal Tiger with whom he spends almost 19 days in rough and open sea.

The island which is carnivorous is shown with great awe. Made me wonder, will there be really such an island where even the clear water in which Pi takes his bath in the day time becomes a poisonous acid killing even the biggest fish. He learns the lesson from animals that trust their instincts as they sense danger more clearly than human. The meerkats and the tiger runs to safety and luckily Pi too climbs a tree to rest finds out about the island and when he narrates that particular portion, Irrfan's voice showed a slight tremor (directorial touch) which made us too shiver slightly thinking as if what would have happenned if Pi was standing there in the land on that night.

No point of time a human being and an adult Bengal Tiger can be friends. Inspite of the emotional attachment they show between themselves towards the end the tiger proves that it is an animal and Pi proves he is a human, who wants the tiger to look back but which did not look back though it took a minute before it ventured into the deep forest.

When Pi relates his story of the ship wreck and how the Zebra, Tiger, Oranguttan and Hynea jumps into the life boat and later how Hynea kills the Zebra and Oranguttan. Also how Pi and Richard Parker get along with each other as a need for survival is depicted pretty well in the movie. Over all the movie is worth watching with all is nice cinematography and 3D effects.