How to remove a automated tweet post of your blog posts

When I started using twitter, I did a lot of experiments and researches. One of them is adding twitter feed to my blogs which will automatically tweet my posts to my twitter account. I created a primary twitter account for tweeting just like that and two special twitter account which will have posts mainly from my recipe blog (site) and travel blog(site) respectively. But at the same time, I have also added the twitter feed to my primary twitter account too. So all the posts from the other two blogs were tweeted by my primary account too.

When I wanted to temporarily stop all the feeds and tweets from my travel site, I could not figure out what and how the automated tweets were going to my primary twitter account. Thanks to google search it helped me to figure out all about twitter feed. Fortunately, I remembered the passwords for twitter feed and was able to deactivate the feeds of my travel blog and recipe blog.

Go to Twitter Feed, Go to your dash board, check all the feeds that you have created. Delete them. You can always add the feed later.