Uses of Lemon Juice that we never knew

Lemon Juice is very commonly available one. It has many uses in home care, personal care and also in dietary or medicinal care.

Uses of Lemon Juice in Home Care:

  • Mix a spoon of Lemon juice to a mug of water. Dip a clean cloth and clean your mirrors and glass utensils. You will find sparkling glass and mirrors. 
  • If your whites are not bright, rub the dirty area with lemon cut into two (use it as it is no need to take the juice). Soak in warm water and wash it thoroughly. 
  • The first and worst place to get infected easily is your cutting or chopping bowl. Clean it with lemon juice. 
  • Clean your toilet bowl, wash basin and other ceramic items with lemon juice. 

Uses of Lemon Juice in Personal and Beauty Care:
  • Take lemon juice in a bowl, dip a cotton ball in it and rub it on your face and neck and in hands and in all the areas which are affected by sun's rays and have spots. Use it on a regular basis to see them reduce gradually. 
  • Lemon juice application on face can shrink the pores on your face and make them emit less oil 
Uses of Lemon Juice as Medicine:
  • Lemon juice is taken along with coriander leaves, cucumber and ginger as an early morning detox drink. 
  • Drinking a glass of lemon juice helps in improving digestion.
  • If you have a sore throat do not hesitate to drink lemon juice. You will find instant relief. 
  • Lemon juice improves and strengthens the immunity.