Menopause the real menace for every woman

Gone are the days when we woman can get help during menopause time. Though it is technologically improved world, still we are ignorant of what is really happenning to our body. In the recent times, many woman reach pre menopause at the age of late 30s or early 40s. And they really are not aware of what their body is actually going through. Even though it affects the physical and mental health woman just simply ignore all the symptoms and signals the body sends. One need to be completely de-stressed and keep the mind relaxed so that the body will also get relaxed.

Most of the PMS symptoms - unexplained emotions both happy and sad, depression, lack of motivation, irritation, aggression, decreased patience, increased stress, nervousness all keep coming on and off or at times comes all together during the entire menopause. So it should not be ignored or taken just like that. There will be heavy mood swings; and at times hot flashes can also be cause for that. To deal with it woman during menopause period should keep themselves engaged themselves. Apart from doing things that is passionate for them, they also need to indulge themselves in activities like meditation and pranayamam.

Though it will be very tired, one should understand that the body needs to be absolutely fit and so one can do simple work outs or even little jogging. Cutting down caffine intake during menopause period helps in peaceful sleep during the night.

The proper diet during menopause:
Increasing fiber intake is very important during menopause. The irregular bowel movements and the end result constipation will make the menopause even worse. Drinking in lots of water and eating lots of greens, rather intake greens every alternate day will definitely help. Coffee and tea intake should be reduced and if possible completely avoided during menopause time.

Never skip your meal rather decrease the quantity and increase physical activity. Calcium intake should be increased along with fibre intake and foods rich in carbs need to be avoided. Eating a healthy 6 meal is rather better than eating heavy one or two meals and skipping the rest. 


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