Remedy at home to cure knee pain

Many of us not just old people but also youngsters who sit in front of computer or do desk work for a long time also get knee pain. Due to the changed lifestyle many people get this knee pain. But we do have remedy at home especially in our kitchen to cure ourselves from this dreaded knee pain.

I have collected all these information from various books and am sharing it here for the benefit of all.

* Take 1/2 cup of rock salt that is available in the kitchen add that to hot water and pour it on the painful spot slowly. Though I have mentioned hot water, it should be at the right heat and not too hot.

* Grind dry ginger or dry ginger powder can also be used, Mix it to water to make a paste and apply it on the affected area and let it dry. Wash it after it dries.

* If you have swelling along with pain in the knees mix turmeric powder and cinnamon powder and apply on the area to bring down the swelling and pain