F for Friendship - A to Z Challenge 2017

#Letter of the day - F

#Thought of the day Friendship

We cannot choose our parents, most of the times many don't get a chance to choose their life partners and we cannot choose our kids too but we can choose our friends. Friends a few last for a few years but there are friends who last for a life time. They always are the best people who lend their shoulders whenever in need of. 

This particular post, I dedicate it to my best friend of 30 years. We were class mates from class 8th and when we came to class 10 we became friends and over the period of years we became the best pals. The friendship have lasted all these years and even our spouses have become friends and the kids have become to close to each other. 

Yes you read it right, it is not a she it is he. He was there always for me rending his shoulders and whenever I have felt low, I think it is the esp working that will make him call me or text me when I think it will be better to talk to him. 

Many still feel and say that friendship between a boy and a girl/ a man and a boy cannot exist it will lead to a different kind of relationship only, but our friendship have broke that barrier and we are still the best friends. And I am sure it will continue for ever. 

Thank you my dear friend.