Dandruff the great menace

is the dryness of scalp resulting in excessive shedding of dead skin cells.

How to find that one have Dandruff:
When the hair is combed or brushed scales from the scalp fall like tiny snow flakes. When the dandruff is in excess the hair is seen with lots of it. Some times this dandruff is seen as a lump or crust too and when tried to reemove with hands it becomes a wound too. When a person have dandruff, he or she keeps scratching the scalp due to irritation.

Dandruff is caused due to excessive exposure to extreme heat and cold. Due to certain other reasons like low secretion of scalp oil or fungal growth in scalp result in Dandruff. Wrong foods, constipation, less intake of water, tension, stress, exhaustion, shampoos also form a cause for dandruff.

Not just dry scalp but also excess secretion of oil in scalp also leads to dandruff.

How to avoid dandruff:
Keep hair and scalp clean and it should be ensured that the scalp secretes natural oil. Lemon acts as an ingredient that helps in keeping the excessive oil under control. The accumulation of dead cells should be minimised.

The hair should be brushed and cleaned daily to improve blood circulation in scalp. The effective way to brush a hair is to bend and comb it from the neck to the tip through the top of the head.

The hair and scalp should be massaged daily with finger tips.

While travelling it is better to cover the hair with a scarf to avoid direct exposure of scalp to sun rays.

There are a few simple treatments for dandruff one can do at home.